Underway: A TJ Wilde Mystery Now Available!!

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I have not been a good blog host, my food posts have been few and far between. But I have a good excuse. Book 2 of the TJ Wilde Trilogy is finally finished. Excerpts and links to purchase are below:


A new job, a new home and a new outlook on life. But, of course, it could not be that easy.

 A cute loft with a great view would be enough to bring me back to Boston. But add in a great job with my best friend, an adorable lost kitten, and a neighborhood filled with art and artists, then there was no question I was right where I belonged.

Unfortunately, missing Cuban art, a vandalized gallery, and a gallerist who has simply vanished are making the return to my favorite city troublesome. Not to mention, someone keeps sneaking into my apartment. This was not the marvelous return I had envisioned.

Add to that, my sexy lawman, who is both persistent and much too far away. He definitely is not taking no for an answer.   

For TJ Wilde, moving back to Boston
felt like coming home,
but home was never this dangerous…

Buy now! Kindle and Paperback available NOW!

Read Chapter One HERE

Chapter Two, Part One HERE and Part Two HERE

Several recipes from here are featured in the book and I’ll highlight those later in the month.

I hope you enjoy it!