Frozen Eggs

We keep an old  fridge in the garage as an overflow storage space.  I dialed it down to its coldest setting and inadvertently froze a few eggs.  I went to fetch a dozen to put into the kitchen fridge and noticed that a couple of them had broken shells – they had frozen and split when they expanded.This morning they had thawed enough to break so I fried them up.  It was a bit disconcerting yesterday when I went to dump those that were split and I couldn’t break the shell by tapping them against the bowl rim.
They were pretty much normal looking and tasting although the yolks seemed thick.  I dialed the garage fridge down a bit.
I googled “freezing raw eggs” and this article popped up.  You can freeze raw eggs but they do not recommend doing so in the shell.

5 thoughts on “Frozen Eggs

  1. This is excellent information. I usually end up scrambling a bunch of eggs for the dogs and freezing them when the duck eggs threaten to overwhelm my kitchen counters. It’s great to know I can just scramble them up and freeze them raw.

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    • I saw a lot of sites that said to use muffin tins to freeze whole eggs – just thaw and use as normal. Frozen raw eggs last longer than frozen cooked eggs, per one source I came across. Not sure why that wold be.


      • I have used muffin tins to freeze eggs in many times. I found this in an old Farm Journal canning and freezing cookbook from the late 1960’s. It is a good way to save eggs when you have too many. When I do this I like to use them to bake with. I don’t raise chickens but sometimes I don’t use the ones I buy as quick as I should.

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