Spicy Chicken Ramen

The eggs were steamed for 71/2 minutes and then cooled in ice water.  They are just a bit tricky to peel but if you take care they’ll be fine.  The yellow was perfect.I’ve finally learned how to build a bowl of ramen.  Cook the noodles separately, use a good broth, steam the veggies and cook the chicken  as the broth is coming to temp.  Put the noodles in the bowl, if made ahead of time stir some sesame oil into them so they don’t stick.  Shred the chicken and add it with the steamed veggies – they don’t have to be hot because the broth you add will warm it all back up.  I won’t venture into a broth recipe because I would get laughed out of a good ramen joint.  Use what you like.  There are volumes of broth recipes out there.