Taco Thursday and Friday

I made a batch of taco filling with a pound of ground beef so there was plenty for a couple of day’s worth of tacos.  Not just for Tuesdays any more!  My taco seasoning  recipe must be right because it tastes like the stuff you can buy, but shouldn’t.  Says the guy with a cupboard full of spices and peppers.  I tend to make mine right in the pan I’m cooking the ground beef in – some of this and some of that.  In no particular order: ground cumin, ground chilies of several types*, granulated onion and garlic, paprika, Mexican oregano, ground annatto, black pepper, and salt.

I usually brown the beef with chopped onions and fresh peppers, stir in the spices, then add water or broth until the spices are as thoroughly mixed as they can be, and then simmer for as long as needed.  The extra liquid helps when you are breaking the clumps of meat down.

* I keep ground ancho and chipotle in the rack, along with the commercial version that Kroger sells as “dark chili powder”.  The store bought is mild, the others will add some bite.