Salt and Pepper Ribs

I thawed this one out overnight and decided to give Chef John’s recipe a go.  I used Aleppo peppers instead of cayenne, and added a bit of onion powder to the rub.We’re at the halfway point.  I brushed on the juices and ground a bit more black pepper, more of the Aleppo, and added a tad more garlic powder.Here it is, done and portioned, with a drizzle of homemade bbq sauce.  Looks good!Ta-Da!  We had the ribs with slaw and crinkle fries done in the air fryer.  The ribs were absolutely fantastic and the sauce was, as well.  I didn’t have time to let the freshly mixed sauce rest so all the granulated stuff melts and marries so I zapped it in the microwave for a minute or two to hurry it along.

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