Soup Stock

The boxes of chicken stock I buy are pretty thin so they need quite a lot of help.  I’m running low on homemade.  I should thaw that turkey we have out in the garage freezer.  I stirred in a big spoonful of garlic black bean paste.  There’s a decent number of the usual veggies:  sliced celery, green chilies, green onion, red onion, dried mushrooms, sliced carrot, broccoli, plus fresh sprigs of parsley.  Not to mention splashes of various things I keep in my Asian cupboard.  Sesame oils,, cooking wines, vinegars, pastes, fish sauces, soy sauces....not to mention bottled ramen broth enhancements, and the refrigerated  sauces: oyster sauce, hosin sauce, hot and sweet chilie sauces, and the various garlic/ginger pastes..  Let me give a shout out to those little jars of the various Better-than-Bouillon broth making miracles.