With this ‘n that and the other thing I haven’t mustered the energy to even make a post.  Not cooking much that is new or different.  I think it’s just the everyday plodding through the muddle that passes for life these days.  I have no enthusiasms anymore.Pork steak cooked with bbq beans is usually good.  My other way of cooking these is in mushroom soup/gravy.  The potatoes came frozen in a bag, they cooked up nicely enough.  We had run out of regular potatoes so we made do with the frozen.I’m getting the hang of cooking on the griddle.  Heat management is the key.  You want a hot end and a not so hot end, depending on what you are cooking, of course.  Don’t be shy with the cooking oil.  I’ve been using canola because it has a high smoke point.  Not the highest but good enough.The hash brown got a bit of a scorch but nothing we couldn’t eat with a smile.  Those little sausages are so good.We’ve slowly been sampling our way across these frozen entrees. They are heat and eat, sauces are included and require bringing to a simmer for a few minutes.  I can report that the bimibap sucks but the average across the whole range of offerings is a solid B+.  The one pictured above is sweet and sour chicken.  I added some fresh bell pepper and red onion and gave it a drizzle of Thai sweet chili sauce.
We have sampled several pasta offerings – Italian themed stuff.  We haven’t had a bad one yet.

This was better than it looks.  Pickle. Onion. Mustard.

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  1. Glad to see you again, Jeffrey. I come here every day as a respite for what passes for life these days! Always enjoy your comments, the food and the wildlife. You provide a valuable tonic.

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