Here’s that giardiniera I started on yesterday.  I’ve added oil and vinegar, garlic, dried oregano, and the muffuletta mix.We sat down yesterday and reviewed the take from our wildlife cameras.  The videos draw much more cat interest than do the still photo slideshows.  We have three cameras set to capture video.  Most clips are ten seconds but the camera may stay on for longer if there is ongoing activity.The two cameras that are focused on the feeders are set for still photos.  They usually take from five hundred to a thousand stills in a week.  We click through them looking for interesting pics to save.The Mexican Sunflowers continue to draw butterflies.  So far just swallowtails and those yellow ones that will not sit still, the Cloudless Sulphurs.Skirmish line.Bitsy takes more of an interest in whitetails than she does crows.