Roasted Chicken

Kroger sells these chicken thighs in a nicely sealed family pack and sometimes I don’t want to mess with them so into the freezer they go.  Makes a big brick of rock solid thighs.  When they thaw they all need to be cooked right away.  An easy way is to roast them.  I seasoned these with salt, garlic, and black and Aleppo peppers.  They cooked in a convection oven at 350° for about an hour.  These were just a tad frosty when they went in so they may have taken longer.They produced enough fat to make a big pot of gravy.  Started with a blonde roux and added chicken stock till it looked right.Mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans, and a couple of those thighs.  Not fancy but the plates were licked clean.  Mrs J had some help from Gabe on her plate.Biscuits make a fine base for pulled chicken in the same gravy.  That used up a few more of the thighs.  Still have some gravy!