My habaneros are going gangbusters.  I’m not likely to do anything with them.  I’ll use one on occasion.I call those things way in the back pink ladies.  I’ll bet there are plenty of other names. Yesterday I saw someone calling them naked ladies.Cooked another one of those salt and pepper ribs.  I think this was the best to date.  Mustard smeared all over it and then seasoned with salt, garlic. black pepper and a good sprinkle of that Aleppo pepper.  Three hours(+-) at 300° should do you.  This one was tender but didn’t fall apart when handled, the bones came away clean.  Foil lined tray eases cleanup.Mrs J has petunias growing out of a pot.  I tried to get a shot of the sulphur but it fluttered off just as I pushed the button.Bitsy is taking her turn on the kitty rock in the shade of the viburnum bush.  The slightly musty look is because I took the picture through a window screen.Here’s that rib dish.  Crinkle cut fries and slaw on the side.  I’m still on the first batch of the All American BBQ Sauce but I will need more, soon.Gabe and Katie, milling about the door, waiting for Mrs J to come out to give them a good walk.