Sunday Morning Sunshine

I mowed yesterday to beat the thunderstorms nature laid on for us overnight.  It was needing it because the last time the grass was so high and wet that I set the mowing deck as high as it would go.  It had a head start.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Sunshine

  1. We are in a severe drought here. I’ve mowed the lawn twice since late June. Most of the grass has gone dormant. It’s just now, as nights have become cooler, starting to green up again. I use playground grass in our backyard to withstand the Danes romping on it when it’s dormant. And I still water to keep it alive. Lawns in high desert are interesting, but never more so than during a drought.


    • It’s been wet here for several weeks. I was needing to mow the last time it rained hard. The grass got a three day reprieve. It was soft and wet when I mowed after that and the grass was just growing so hart you could hear the crackle. It rained again that night. I’ve had three days of some sun and no rain so I went back out yesterday and did it over again. More rain last night, chance of it today.

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