The derecho that flashed through the upper mid-west the other day had a tail that lashed us just before dark.  We weren’t paying much attention until the back door suddenly swung open with a bang while we were watching something on the TV.It tore up my patio garden.  The two basils were pretty much done – I let them bolt because the littlest pollinators found the tiny flowers tasty.  I stripped the serranos from the broken branches of the pepper. The jalapenos took considerable damage.  There were a couple of different varieties in the big black pot and they will survive.The cayennes were going gangbusters but were pretty much totaled.We lost a crab apple.  This particular spot has been hard on trees.  This is the 4th one to be destroyed is the same general area since we’ve been here.I think I may look up a recipe for fermented chilies and give that fancy Korean bucket a run.