Tomato Season: Mortgage Lifter

I came home after being out of town for a week to an abundance of ripe and ripening tomatoes.  I only planted four plants, but I think it will get us through the winter.

This large tomato is a Mortgage Lifter. My local greenhouse carries a very few tomatoes and they are always unusual heirloom varieties. Last year it was San Marzano – and they were amazing. I think I’ll try to start some from seeds next year.

This year it was Mortgage Lifter and Amish Paste tomatoes.

This is the first ripe Mortgage Lifter – about the size of a softball – heavy – just under a pound. Definitely the biggest of this year’s varieties.

Very fleshy, not a lot of seeds or juice. Taste is light, low acidity, great salad tomato. It’s not a wow tomato, so it probably won’t make the cut next year. But it’s a nice addition this year. 

Not sure how prolific it will be – extreme drought and above normal temps may have inhibited it. But my Big Boy and Big Beef are doing well. Will be interested to see how my Amish paste tomato does. Those tomatoes are larger than I anticipated.

I don’t can, btw, I freeze my tomatoes fresh. Usually puree them, some I dice. Great for cooking and retain that fresh off the vine flavor. I pack them in quart freezer bags.  Also, so easy to prep, I don’t feel overwhelmed when I’m pulling ripe tomatoes from the vine several times a day.

I have the world’s hottest Green Chili cooking right now – I’ll post photos and the recipe later. But, yowza, were those chilis spicy.

Until then…