Bacon and eggs with toast is about as breakfast as it gets where I come from.I don’t know about you but I think a bacon egg sammich on buttered toast with yellow running all over is fine eating.Mrs J voted cheeseburgers for lunch.  I like to slice an onion into very thin slices on a mandoline, pile them in a burger sized heaps and let them caramelize with a beef patty on top to help steam the meat.I shaved some sharp cheddar over the onions and added a bit of American cheese to help the cheddar melt right.  Cheeseburger!  Cheeseburger!  No chips!Actually, we do have chips but we prefer these sides.

There are those onions under the cheese but I like the texture fresh sliced onions bring to the bite.Mrs J called my attention to this Monarch pupa.  We’ll keep an eye on it.  Hoping to get a nice new butterfly out of it.