I roasted a spatchcocked the chicken yesterday with a few potato pieces in the bottom of the pan. I finished the potatoes in a skillet with some of the drippings. The potatoes were done, I wanted to add some more color. I passed a nice shot of them in a bowl because my hands were greasy. They were very good.

I’ve been poking at buttons on this new-ish phone, the Galaxy S10, found what Samsung is calling Live Focus. You tell the camera where to focus and it takes a photo that you can fiddle with to get the background blur just right. It also lets you washout the background color. I probably will put up more of these as I continue to play with it.

I didn’t think to see how food pics would work with that color washing feature. I made some soup using more of that roast chicken. I keep forgetting to plump some noodles out for that money shot.

I wish I had done a better job timing those poached eggs. I like the runny yellow because it makes the broth so much richer. Mrs J is pleased, though, “I like my eggs over hard”.

We have seen an uptick in the number of grilled ham and cheese sammich lunches over the course of our backwoods retreat. That egg was pickled in a brine that some sweet gherkins came in. I added a pinch of turmeric and more salt.

We’ve been seeing this fellow lately, both at this camera and also at the one looking over the back pond. He’s a healthy looking 8 pointer.

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