We love these salt and pepper recipe ribs. At the market we usually see the ribs that have been trimmed and squared up but this one is a full spare rib rack. Say that five times real fast.

Here it is after three hours at 300 degrees. I’m going to have to learn the code for the degree sign but not today.

A couple of outtakes from a session fiddling with the buttons and sliders in that camera app:

That last one reminds me of the shots you get if you zoom a lens while you are snapping a photo.

Bitsy was sitting in the garden when I walked by while the camera app in the S10 was running. This was pretty much a poke-n-hope shot. I didn’t stop walking. The photo has been cropped, a lot. The camera’s performance exceeded expectations for this particular capture. I think I was returning, disappointed, from a try for a Monarch around the Mexican sunflowers.

A hummer from yesterday. We had a cold front come through a few days ago and the temps dropped down into the 40s and hadn’t see any for a few days. We had one this morning, too.

I’ve never really been happy with any of my rib presentations but this one is below even my own sorry average. These were very good, not really needing the added bbq sauce. The salt, fat, the peppers, and that yellow mustard slathered all over combined in the heat to make a nice sauce.