Homer has always gotten along better with dogs than cats.

Tacos again! I let us run out of corn tortillas and didn’t want to make my own so we went with fried flour ones. These have a smear of refried beans, a layer of taco seasoned ground beef, shredded cheeses, and a slaw made of angel hair cabbage, tomatoes, onions, and peppers.

Mrs J goes through a lot of seeds keeping us in picnicking bird posts.

We’ve had such good luck with this “Lunchbox Red” pepper plant. It just keeps churning out those little peppers. It survived a frost scare and is doing better now than ever.

Those beans atop the basmati rice are from the same large can of mild chili beans that I opened for the pork steak and potatoes the other day. A sharp eye can detect those same beans accompanying the tacos. Note the lunchbox red peppers in the rice. I treated it as a veggie fried rice, sweating the peppers and onions down in oil before adding the cooked rice.

A picture of Miss Bea makes a fine kitteh bookend to the post.

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