Honey Chicken and Fried Rice

I like basmati rice for this, the grains always seem to be resistant to clumping. I fried a couple of beaten eggs first thing, and then set them aside. Sweat down some fresh veggies with minced garlic in a little oil, the dump in your cooked rice, adding more oil as needed. I added a little sweet soy sauce and some oyster sauce to this one. Put the eggs in, chopping with a spoon.

The honey chicken is one of those frozen dinner things, the chicken goes from the freezer to a skillet and cooks up in just a few minutes. This is not a brand endorsement, if there were two options for the same basic thing I would try the other one before I bought this again. It was okay, barely. The dark red condiment is chili oil. I can recommend this chili oil. It’s not hot but it packs a lot of flavor. Bonus, they put peanuts in it.

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