I hurried this shot and framed it wrong, shooting the S10 one handed. Dummy. The sammich is smoked pork with muffuletta salad atop a generous squeeze of bbq sauce. I really should stop buying the vari-colored cabbage. The purple stains the whole slaw after a short time. I guess I could make it fresh every day but I like slaws that have wilted a bit.

I was really needing some cake and this is the result of an evening kitchen run. We spent some frantic minutes looking for the jar of cherries, they were tucked deep inside the fridge. I’m never sure when the best time to invert these from the pan. I gave this one five minutes and lost some crust and a few cherries. I was able to repair it to a certain low-bar definition of repaired.

Bitsy likes to sit on my lap mornings, she seems to feel that I may have started this post a little too early.

A Monarch caterpillar decided to hang his pupa case on this bit of vinyl siding about two feet away from the front door. I hope he hurries.

I mentioned using some of the uncooked flour tortillas. These worked a little better than the first go we had at them. I left them on longer and waited for the griddle to get hotter before I started.

The raw tortillas are very thin and they don’t puff much but they do swell a bit. They hold up very well.

Gratuitous Breakfast Pr0n