New Duck Hut

The new duck hut arrived just in time for the extremely cold weather.

The old coop was built for chickens, with the main living area up a ramp. Mabel stopped using the ramp this summer – it’s not easy for older ducks to do – they really aren’t built for walking and the non-skid surface was creating sores on her feet.

So a change needed to be made. I had to look a long time to find a single level hut that could hold three large ducks.  This one is specifically made for ducks and rabbits.

I’m really loving it – it’s easy to get into to rake the bedding and gather eggs (when they start laying again).  And the “yard” is about three times the size of their coop yard, so on days like yesterday and today, when they had to stay confined in the 15 degree HIGH (!) they have a lot more room to move around and their food and water has a place where they can’t soak the entire hut with their shenanigans.

They are, as expected, not keen on the change, so even lettuce could not entice them to hang out near the new hut. But a few hours later, they at least ate the lettuce and chowed down on their food.

Just in time, because they had to hunker down the last two days. While they are big balls of downy heat, their little webbed feet can’t tolerate below about 25 degrees.

Bonus, it stayed nice and warm last night, when the low was about 9 degrees. I put a bottle of hot water in the hut on nights like that and it was still unfrozen this a.m. when I went to give them fresh food and water. I always worry on the extra cold nights.

They are in there somewhere.

ETA: The old coop went to a good home, it was, surprisingly, still in good shape, even though I bought it used. So an offer for a “free chicken coop” was snapped up immediately.