This is the last of the potato leek soup. I’ve added various other leftovers – a little bit of the frittata as evidenced by the broccoli stem, some smoked pork from the sammiches we made, and a helping of the chicken gravy with boiled red potatoes. I think of it as a recapitulation of the week’s menu in one dish.

Yesterday I pulled a 2″ rib roast from the freezer and split it to make two rib eye steaks for what will be Sunday dinner. It looks like the MRIs you sometimes see displayed as slices some body part. I trimmed that fat tail a bit and sealed the slices in bags where they are now in my sous vide pot soaking at 132°. That’s medium rare, they’ll get a sear just before plating.

Mrs J came in and said there was a weird bug on the door frame. It appears to be a walking stick. Two legs are extended to the front, one of the rear pair is missing, or tucked under.

We like these frozen coconut shrimp. I cooked the shrimp and the fries in the toaster oven/air fryer, both at the same time. The fries (plus some tots) went into the basket, the shrimp were arrayed on a rack in the tray that came with the oven. The shrimp came with a pouch of a pineapple/orange dipping sauce, I added Thai sweet chili sauce and a spoon of chili garlic paste.

Picnicking Possum