That pepper plant survived a hard frost, we wheeled it into the garage, and is still producing peppers enough to make a decent looking slaw.

This fellow is one of 3 or 4 8-pointer+ deer we see regularly when the camera chips are viewed. We are running a week at a time, swapping the chips on Sunday mornings and reviewing the video and photos after lunch.

The juncos have arrived for the winter. I hope they are not bringing snow with them.

Here’s one of those steaks that I split off from the rib roast, with sprouts and little red potatoes.

When the sun warmed that stick bug he woke and wandered off. He’s definitely short a leg.

Some sort of a sparrow looking bird has its flaps set for a landing at the stump feeder. We can’t ID it yet, not really looking hard.

This is a nice start for any number a things but I went with more of the smoked pork, again. I thought it would make a nice picture.