We were clicking through the week’s take from our array of wildlife cameras and came to this one. We were both tickled to note Katie in the picture, apparently in a not very close pursuit. Katie don’t allow no young bucks in her yard.

I’ve kept this edition of chicken soup going for nearly a week, adding broth and noodles as needed. We finished it off, finally. The sweet gherkin hit just the right mote.

Mrs J frets when any of the kittehs are unaccounted for in the informal evening muster because we get coyotes in the yard nearly every night.

Toaster oven chicken thighs baked in the same pan with fingerling potatoes. The potatoes braise in the chicken fat. The thighs were sprinkled with paprika – everything in the pan was seasoned with kosher salt, granulated garlic, and ground pepper. The sprouts were steamed and then sautéed with butter and lemon juice.

I added mashed potato to the Tuscan soup. It thickened it nicely. Heh

Picnicking Possums

Bitsy approves of the lap pillow, it smooths out the leg lumps.

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