A Week’s Worth

Olive salad really perks up frozen pizza. This one is a muffuletta mix I bought from Amazon. It’s a giardiniera with more olives in the mix.

A sous vide slice of pork tenderloin with a few veggies.

These are tilapia fillets that Kroger had the last time we went. I like their store packaged fresh fish because they are not half water like the frozen fish they sell. Not sure just how fresh they are but they haven’t been frozen. I made the tartar sauce with a spoon of the olive salad.

A pork steak with fried potatoes and baked beans. I slow cooked the steak in a skillet atop the stove, adding a bbq sauce towards the end.

This was good. It is from a frozen bag of honey chicken served over broccoli fried rice. I’m liking the  basmati rice I used. The rice is never sticky so you can use it for fried rice right away. This plate is topped with fried chili peppers in oil. I’ve made my own but this is store bought.