Sometimes You Just Need To Make Something Fun

Can you guess?

It’s a pretty simple experiment.

Cook french fries (I have a convection oven which works like a very big air fryer)

Heat the gravy to very hot.

Add french fries to a plate, sprinkle cheese curds over the fries and pour on lots of gravy.

I’d had Poutine at a local restaurant a couple of times, it was one of their better appetizers. Then they removed it as an item and instead made a Poutine Burger. They soon had to close. I’m not saying there is a correlation….or was there?

It’s an okay dish, it was on my list of things to try at home. Cheese curds were always the sticking point. But finally, I asked the cheese guy at our local grocer – they have an entire cheese section – and he said they had it. I never would have found it on my own, it was tucked away in a corner of the big cheese section.

It was a fine lunch, I probably won’t make them again.


One thought on “Sometimes You Just Need To Make Something Fun

  1. I first had poutine in Montreal many years ago. It is certainly a decadent meal! It’s gained popularity beyond the northeast I think because it really is fun to make, in any of its variations! I make a vegetarian version using mushroom gravy and my family loves this!


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