The Yard Is A Little Quieter Today

When I went to let the ducks out, Penelope had passed during the night. She was fine yesterday and a little lethargic when I put her to bed last night. I checked her out before bed, no sign of injury, no discharge from eyes or nose – so no virus. It will remain a mystery, but am keeping a close eye on Maddie and Mabel in case it was something viral.

She was more an exuberant puppy than duck and the yard will be quieter without her and my mornings will be a bit less happy without her demanding I pick her up and give her scritches.

3 thoughts on “The Yard Is A Little Quieter Today

  1. I’m so sorry to hear of Penelope’s passing. I kept track of how she was doing thru the blog. I’m so glad she was able to join your other 2 rescues and have an amazing life. Thank you so much for taking her in.


    • Oh, thank you. She was such a precious addition to the family and I am still a little broken by her passing. Maddie and Mabel have been hanging out near the house and closer to the dogs and me when I’m outside. So I think they are feeling it as well. </3


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