Can a blue jay look disgusted? I vote yes, contingent on context.

Better than it looks! LOL Sauerkraut with smashed red potatoes and sliced sausages. I put some of those fermented peppers on the top for a garnish. They were good, although not as hot as I thought they might be given the nature of the chilies.

I keep this pillow handy so that I can make the best possible lap for Bitsy to watch our latest TV binging stream with us. I will note that Bitsy will stay on it if I take proper care in lifting it from my lap. If I go slow so as not to make her fear she is being dumped I can place her on the floor. Often, she will still be there when I return. The current record is three cycles. I sit down and lift her back to the lap to complete one. Yeah, I’m a little smug about that record.

This was pretty good. I mashed a can of tomatillos in the pan and added garlic, cumin, and chicken stock, a couple of pork steaks, and those little Yukon Gold potatoes. It simmered, covered, for several hours.

The Aleppo pepper works well on this. I went back to the pan for more gravy because it was so good.