Jerk Seasonings

I bought a box of Zatarain’s Jerk Chicken Rice on a whim and decided that it was time for it. I used chicken thighs and some garlic sausage and followed the box directions. It turned out to be tasty and got me to looking for jerk seasoning recipes. There are a lot of them! I followed one that had about a dozen ingredients. Dried thyme, parsley flake, cinnamon and nutmeg and five-spice. More. I like to look at several recipes to get the common ingredients and then follow along adding this then that.

I went with this recipe, not sure why I picked it but it seems a good as any. Mrs J allowed as how well shrimp would go with the same seasonings so I thawed a handful and sliced some more of the same sausage. I dumped a couple of tablespoons of the newly made jerk mix into the water I made rice with and dusted the shrimp and sausage with more.

I think it worked out well enough. It had the flavors I was looking for. I would add more cinnamon and allspice, and maybe some brown sugar.