Hey, y’all

Still sick but better. Not covid, dunno what.

Here’s Homer, guarding Gabe, who is a placeholder until I gather my wit.

4 thoughts on “Hey, y’all

  1. Thanks for this, I had noticed your absence and was beginning to worry. Was about to ask Tamara what was up. Glad it isn’t Covid and hope you are feeling better soon. As an aside, I went yesterday to Petco Park, the baseball stadium parking area in San Diego and got my first dose, spent an hour and a half in line but it was worth it. The nurse told me that they had done 6,000 the day before. When leaving the area I was amazed at all the roads leading to the area were packed with cars waiting in line. They had 15 stations giving the shots to six cars at a time and was very well organized by UC San Diego Health Care. I go back on the 28th for the second dose (Moderna) and it will be a relief as I am 73 and sick of staying home.

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    • Yay for vaccines! We are signed up with a local hospital chain, and with the county health department but we have no info on how their stocks are. We are bunkered down until we can get ours.


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