We needed to use the cauliflower because it was showing signs of being not at all fresh. Roasted it with olive oil, garlic, Aleppo pepper, and salt. Added a generous sprinkle of cheap Parmesan from the green cannister. Yes, I’m a monster. The fish is a tilapia filet with a dusting of Andy’s Cajun Breading, the garnish is fermented hot peppers. It has a drizzle of lemon from the bottle. Told you I was a monster.

Random Raccoon

Come back tomorrow boys, early.

Leroy and Kilroy

Nuthatches and woodpeckers are more comfy clinging to the sides of trees but they make do. They are happiest with the suet cakes.

MrsJ was wanting tacos so here we are. These are bacon/roast pork. We made a curbside grocery pickup and I had them bag us a head of lettuce and a few tomatoes. I should have used some of the cotija cheese I bought but the shredded stuff was already open.

2 thoughts on “Tidbits

    • Thanks for the comment! We enjoy looking at the take from the cameras, usually it’s on a Sunday. Mostly it’s the same old same old but we get a surprise now and then.

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