My chives are telling me that spring has sprung. I believe they may be too optimistic.

Bea and Gabe are waiting by momma’s cushion-work bin. She’ll be back.

Random Raccoon

I noodled around at the stove this afternoon. I found some frozen chicken thighs in an overlooked cranny in a freezer door. They had been there a good while. I decided to make some broth. No sense wasting broth so I added some noodles.

This bowl seems now as if it was always inevitable. Not really sure what I was looking for in the freezer. The yellow-ish cubes in there are hearts of broccoli stem. I simmered the chicken with those in there to add flavor to the stock. Carrot, too, but they were mostly mush so they were tossed. The crunchy stuff on top is fried onion. I bought a bag at the Asian food store in the before time and I still have a little left.

I walked the dogs while Mrs J was running an errand. Katie finally found a spot to pee but she had to circle that grass clump a few times.

The bird feeder cam captured Kate and Gabe out the other day. It captures them every day, in fact, but I am not sure which day this is, exactly.