Duckling Update: Day 7

I’ve managed to keep the ducklings alive for a week. I may start thinking about names.

They’ve been doing very well. Eating bowls and bowl of food…BRB they need a refill…and growing before my eyes.

They spend a great deal of time swimming in their water bowl, I’m not ready yet to give them bathtub time, maybe later this week. The rest of the time they sleep on the heated pad and grow.

Today I put them on their blanket  (okay, Scout’s blanket, but she doesn’t seem to mind) – they decidedly hated the towel – and went into the kitchen to grab my camera. They followed me into the kitchen, quacking the entire way, completely taking me by surprise.  So I had to try and get that on video and you’ll see we were interrupted by Emma making her presence known. As calicos are want to do.

Here are ducklings having fun on Day 7