Beans, Boiled and Baked

We have a lot of beans put back as covid insurance. Things are looking up so we are eating our way through the pantry. These are Great Northern beans, soaked overnight and simmered with chopped onions and a nice ham hock.

We have plenty too many cans of beans in the cupboard. I like them for baked beans. These are cannellini and whatever beans Bush uses for their Homestyle brand.

These are the Great Northers with a rather spare garnish of green onions.

Here we have some nice garnishes with the same beans. Yes, that is ketchup. Fight me.

2 thoughts on “Beans, Boiled and Baked

  1. No fight here, I have your back for ketchup on beans. Trader Joe’s Organic is good; since I’ve been displaced and no TJ’s nearby, I stock up when I make the shopping run two and one half hours away. New Year’s black eyed peas without ketchup? Unthinkable!

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