Just a Typical Saturday Morning

Ducks and Danes…

The ducklings are big enough to run around for a few minutes – they still tire quickly. So after about 15 minutes, back into their crate. But while they were out, Bixby was having the time of his life.

That green thing next to him is one of his favorite stuffed duck toys that he is very rarely without (we have 5, just in case one gets destroyed – 3 years and they are all still intact – can’t say the same about any other stuffy)

Scout, Gabe and Zander watch from a distance.

Meanwhile, I think because ducks have some amazing hearing, Maddie has been hanging out at the patio door. I’m thinking she hears the babies.

I’m going to wash the dog snout marks off it today and try and get a photo. Otherwise, all you’d see would be smudges and maybe a duck, LOL


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