Snowy Sunday

After a delayed start of about a day, the promised big, wet, snow has arrived. No idea what our final totals will be – they have predicted 12 to 48 inches. It’s all about how slowly it moves.  I’d guess we’re at about 8 inches now with a full day of snowfall predicted.

I’ve shoveled twice now and will head out in an hour or so to do it again. When it’s this heavy and wet, I don’t like it to pile up too high before shoveling. As most winter storms here consist of champagne powder you can push away without much effort, spring snows remind us of what everyone else usually has to deal with in terms of snow. As it will be in the mid-60s by the end of the week, I’m going to put on another pot of coffee and enjoy.

There will be duckling updates…but for now, I have to go dig out the big ducks and give them fresh water/food.

Until then…

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