Gadget Post – Coffee Stuff

We’ve had this Cuisinart k-cup coffee machine for a few months now. I bought it because of good reviews and our old Bunn was acting up. We like it, the reservoir is a good idea. It detaches for cleaning but we don’t take it off because it’s a bit fiddly to get it seated just right. I suppose we will need to remove it some time but not today. Two thumbs up. 👍👍

This is Mrs J’s favorite. It’s a Technivormm brewer that I was prompted to look at due to a glowing rec from someone I trust. It’s well designed and works well. Mrs J likes her coffee stronger and she gets up before I do so she gets to decide how much coffee to grind. We went with the thermal carafe rather than the models with hot plates. We’ve had the grinder for a nearly 7 years and it is quiet enough that it doesn’t wake me when it is fired up, so that’s nice.