Soup Pr0n

Fun style ramen noodles, now with chili crunch! The impromptu chili crisp worked very well. I steamed the egg a little differently from my usual. I have been using a genuine steamer basket but went with a single pan with a lid to boil a half-inch of water. I dropped them in gently when the water was boiling, lidded the pot, and counted 7 minutes before cooling them in an ice bath. They were a tad overcooked but they still had a little runny yolk.

As an aside, I never got my fave timer app to work on my new phone. It has android 11 for the OS, plus the usual Samsung layer that is a new iteration as well. I don’t know what ruined my old clock app, but Google has really gotten tough on app permissions so I suspect that may be the reason the app can’t send notifications when the screen is off/locked.