I’ll kick things off with some breakfast pr0n.

This is a modified hot mess. Start with the basic baked sweet potato, add butter, flavored sour cream, crispy pork belly, chopped ham, shredded cheddar and green onions. Seasoned to taste.

A pile of chicken broccoli over rice with a generous topping of crispy chili oil. The chicken was marinated in soy sauce, dredged in flour and cornstarch, and fried in a half inch of oil. I used a no touch thermometer to check the temp on the oil and didn’t notice that I had thumbed it to read in Celsius. I marveled at how fast the browning took place despite the low temperature readings.

This is a common sight, Homer and Gabe on the couch together. Homer likes Gabe more than Gabe likes Homer. That’s because Homer is an asshole.

I scraped up enough parts to make more tacos although my focus was elsewhere. The flour tortillas really need some added color for flavor but these were only warmed.

I made a meatloaf but it turned out a bit crumbly. Likely needed another egg and more panko. I never measure stuff for meatloaf so who knows? Not me!

Nonetheless, it made a nice Sunday dinner. Bisto onion gravy!

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