Arguing with Baby Ducks is Useless

It’s been warm enough to start spending time outside, although not alone. They insist I be out there with them.

My plan was, since the ducklings spent a good deal of time outside in their “pools,” we could skip bathtime last night.

Uh-huh, sure. 7:30p, there was a loud clattering of webbed feet down the hall and two very expectant ducklings in the bathroom, waiting.

Whatever…I give up. They got their bath.

Oh, and ducks can tell time, in case you were wondering. But I already knew that…I get a 6:30 wake-up call from the big ducks every morning.

This morning I was trying to get some work done, ducklings are squawking at the top of their lungs (they have no concept of indoor voice) and are headed to the bathroom…

See for yourself how that ended:

Two more weeks, and they  can probably be outside full time – as long as Maddie and Mabel behave.

Two more weeks…


4 thoughts on “Arguing with Baby Ducks is Useless

    • It hasn’t seemed to bother them, like I thought it might. And yesterday and today it’s in the 80s, so I actually have to provide them with some shade. It will get cooler later in the week, but we’re taking advantage of nice days, they are so much happier outside.

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