Happy Easter: Meet Nikki and Nora*

*names will be adjusted if their sex reveals itself to be male.

They are spending most of the day outside today, weather is warm and they are so very happy out there, even in their little penned area.

I’ve been calling them Nikki and Nora for weeks now, but didn’t want to introduce them by name until I was sure it was going to stick. I can easily tell them apart and their personalities are polar opposites, which is fun. I’m still 90% convinced they are female because of the way they talk – they have a strong, high pitched quack and they talk constantly. Males have a gravelly voice and are not as talkative. But until we see a turned up tail feather (male) or see eggs (around October) it’s all speculation.

Meanwhile, meet Nora:

She’s sweet, cuddly and the more adventurous of the two. Also, she’s smaller, but it’s not as noticeable now as it was when they first arrived.

Here she is being silly.

And meet Nikki:

She’s very protective, a little snarly at me, although she always needs me around for things like bathtime, outdoor time, and anytime she’s out of the crate.  As she gets comfortable she needs me less, but she’ll call out if I’m out of sight for too long.

This is her general mood. I think we can all relate.

Scout has been spending a lot more time with them these days. She likes to lay on the floor with them. Last night she was snuggled about as close as they would let her and all three were sound asleep. No photos, because you know the moment I got up, they’d all be up and about.