The crab apples and peaches along the driveway are busting out blossoms. The smaller tree with the white blooms is a cherry. I forget the variety.

The redbud in the front garden is showing why it is named so.

I coated the cod filets with Andy’s Cajun breading and served them with fries and sides. I’m afraid I will run out of those fermented peppers before I can grow more.

Bitsy, being a good kitty.

Homer, pretending to be a good kitty.

A couple of chicken thighs roasted in the counter top oven made a decent lunch. They were seasoned with paprika, garlic, and Aleppo pepper.

This crab apple has seen some things. It was broke down by an ice storm several years ago but bounced back. I took the pic through some branches of a vitex. It always comes on late. It does have some green buds just now showing.

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