Ducklings and Danes Week Five: The DuckTeens

Oh boy, we’ve entered the duckteen* stage!

It’s time to spend time outside. Starting inside their pen so the big ducks could get to know them first, they quickly moved to exploring the yard. Despite Mabel protesting loudly, they always gravitate to wherever the big ducks are hanging, or follow them around the yard.

It started a little faster than I intended.  After two days spending time in their pen,  I opened the patio door to start the grill and they ran over and demanded to go outside. So, I popped them down the stairs and they promptly ran over to the big ducks. They have a death wish.

I decided to let them explore the yard as I prepped dinner, keeping an eye out, and they played nicely. So I put their pen away and now we are working on the transition to living outdoors.

After spending most of the week outside, we were hit with a cold snap and they couldn’t go outside. They protested by emptying the toy box and hanging out by the back door and squawking loudly.  Very, very loudly.

Arguing with the duckteens that it’s too cold to go outside is going about as well as you’d expect. They were cuter when they had little chirpy-quacks

Bathtime is still a morning and night ritual, giving me time to clean out the crate while they splash around. It also helps them cope with having to stay inside while it snows…again.

Scout has suddenly decided that the ducklings are her buds. She spends some time each night sleeping next to them and they usually fall asleep, snoring no less, next to her.

Lots of outdoor and bathtime in the video this week.

Enjoy our last week (hopefully) with indoor duckteens.

*My friend Larilyn came up with this name when ducklings just didn’t seem to fit any longer