Katie’s End

This Cooper’s hawk is wondering where the picnic has gone.

This blue jay has stumbled upon the Mother Lode.

He’s not coming, Darlene. Let’s eat.

Kroger’s fried chicken and slaw, the beans and potato salad are mine. Kroger fried chicken is better than KFC. Their slaw is very good, this recipe is close to it, I think. I’ve made it before.

The bbq chicken is mine, as is the slaw, the mac salad, and the tomatoes with feta in Italian dressing. The red tinge in the mac salad is due to Aleppo pepper. There is some in the tomatoes, too. I thawed a “young chicken” that was so large that I wondered if they considered it young as relative to their granny’s age. I cut it up and baked it. The breast was so big I cut it into four pieces.

Random Raccoon

Breakfast pr0n. The eggs were deep fried. It is easy to get the whites done and keep the yellow runny by basting with the hot oil.