Stir Fried Napa Cabbage with Chicken

I added half of a chicken breast to this recipe and it worked well despite my own failure.

I was doing well, cooking the thicker parts first after starting the garlic and dried peppers in oil.

I marinated the thinly sliced chicken in soy sauce and cooked it before starting on the cabbage, removing it to the side. When the leafier parts of the cabbage are starting to wilt, add the sauce and the chicken. You will note that the recipe said to add the corn starch to the sauce. I thought it might be better to mix a slurry to add right at the end. This I failed to do. Judge me.

I think the next time I make something similar that I will serve Mrs J and then add the fried chili oil to the pan and stir it in before I plate my portion. I will try to remember the starch.

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