Duckteens and Ducks: And Just Like That We Are A Flock

Well, not exactly “just like that.” It’s been some work and a lot of worry on my part. But this is real progress:

That is Mabel and Nikki* snoozing peacefully together. This is huge because this is the first time Mabel has let the duckteens sleep anywhere near her outside. And that it is Nikki* is significant. Nikki has challenged Mabel from day one outside.

The progress has been slow and steady. The duckteens moved out to the coop on Sunday night and that’s been a smooth-ish transition.

I’ve had to spend the week teaching them where their food is located (by the coop) and yet, at around 8:30 to 9 pm, they still start yelling at me because they are hungry. So I have to lead them to the food so they can nosh before bedtime. It’s adorable, but I’m sure my neighbors wonder why I’m killing ducks in my backyard. Nora is LOUD.  Like car alarm loud, LOL.

I’ll try to get video…

For now, things seem to be going smoothly (well except for the big-ass hailstorm when I had to run out in the lightning and hail to rescue them).

*I am still wavering between this sweety being Nikki or Nick – the vocalizations are not strong, a good indicator of a drake, but there is a LOT of vocalization which is a hen trait. I suppose I’ll just have to wonder until a drake feather shows up or not in a few weeks (usually 8-12 weeks of age).

Drake with drake feather (that little curled feather)


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