Patio Garden Lineup

I’m going with one tomato plant this year. I have no idea whether this one will work but I have hopes. It’s a red beefsteak. I’ve zip tied the cage to the stand and the stand to the bench. If the wind blows it over I will have other problems to deal with, knock on wood. On the bench, L to R, habanero, coolapeno (a no or low heat jalapeno), and a Tabasco pepper.

On the table, clockwise from the bottom, are: lunchbox red, Anaheim, cayenne, serrano, poblano, and sweet banana. The far bench has two pots of jalapenos bookending a container with a Thai hot pepper.

My herb bench. From near to far: curly parsley, rosemary, sweet basil, chives, Thai basil, dill, and Greek oregano. I looked hard for Italian parsley but none of the box store parking lot locations we sampled have it. I ordered seeds for it but they will be a while before they make a showing. I also ordered some holy basil seeds but those are still in transit. I ordered them because I keep seeing the leaves included in various Asian recipes in youtube videos. I will probably add more to the patio garden as I come across items that work. We have an expedition planned for later today.

One thought on “Patio Garden Lineup

  1. That looks so good! I did my garden prep this morning….trying to decide if I have the energy to put together the walls of water and get the plants in tomorrow.


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