Patio Garden Update

I finally found some flat parsley at Lowe’s. In the meantime Mrs J has sprouted some seeds for me so I will have a fallback if this one dies or is gobbled up by caterpillars.

These shishito peppers are the new “it” veggie of the month. Several months ago, anyway. We are in the fad trickle down zone. They are said to be tasty when roasted or toasted.

This Hosta has been coming up gangbusters for several years now. Mrs J is justifiably proud of it. No idea what the variety name is. It’s not a container plant but it’s close enough to the herb bench for a mention.

I put in a couple of peppers that are meant for show although they are edible. The one on the end is named chilly chili but I am thinking that the woman who runs the greenhouse made that up on the spot when I asked her what its name was. It makes teeny peppers in several colors. The one next to it is a black pearl pepper – I’ve grown one for several years now. It makes marble sized peppers that are so dark purple they look black. I have nibbled on a pearl from such plants in the past and they are on the hot side.


On the left is French tarragon, in back I have Greek oregano, and some thyme that isn’t lemon thyme. Everyone had the lemon flavor but I was looking for this kind. Its tag reads “faustinoi”. I was looking for the shape of the leaf rather than name.