We had leftover ribs for lunch the other day. They were very good again. I made a batch of slaw with vinegar and oil dressing instead of the mayo based since it’s summer and we have nice peppers to use. The vinaigrette lets those colors pop. I’ve been using the same recipe for the mac salad for a good while, now. We like it.

Bea and Homer will miss that post, too.

My herb bench is still looking good. I need to take my hedge trimmers and whack those chives down to the dirt line. The flowers are pretty but that’s not what I have them for. Might repot them while I am at it.

Mrs J is in charge of this part. The yellow flowers are sedum. She says she planted them when she was still young and spry. The globular, green clump at center frame is another variety of sedum, as is the green and yellow one left front. The primrose is pretty but it does spread.

Because I’m a masochist there are also two tomatoes. I forget the names, the lower one is in a fabric bucket. The greenhouse lady says it is determinate so should work in this. I always have better luck with cherry tomatoes but I get these hankerings for those big, red slicers with mayo and salt and pepper. Those hankerings go unappeased all too often, lately.

Chicken Salad on Toast

Hey, pal! Go chase a roadrunner!