Ducks And Danes On A Saturday Morning

I figured I’d better post some photos since y’all have been asking:

I’ve been trimming up the lilacs and making a big pile of branches. The dogs think this is their own personal stash of sticks.

The last thing I see before the collision. Nothing like 160 lbs of Dane coming at you with a big stick.

The duckteens are fully integrated and everyone seems very happy. Nora on the left and Nikki (or is it Nicky) on the right (only time will tell).  Because the ducks are up with the sun, morning routine here is now to let them out and enjoy my first cup of coffee watching them wander around the yard eating bugs.

Is it a bird of prey, is it a plane? Only the ducks know for sure.

I’m surprised they let me get this close with the camera – usually, they see it and run off (damn paparazzi).

Nobody has laid an egg since the duckteens moved outside. Though both Mabel and Maddie spend some time “nesting” outside the coop.

I’ll have some gardening photos later. The “kill my lawn” project has come along nicely.

Until then…

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