Picnicking Birds

This is an un-cropped* picture taken by the new camera. The feeder looks as if it’s farther away, but the photo seems pretty sharp – without the haze we were seeing. I’m going to move the feeder a foot or so closer.

*These images are not the original resolution. They are processed though an image resizer app – this image is 400KB, squeezed down from 4.5MB. They retain a lot of detail. Magic resizer, I guess.

This is the same shot, cropped. Note that the feeder is near the table’s end. More pixels lets you crop tighter while having resolution enough to keep details.

I had a nearly identical capture a week ago:

This is the old camera, note the haze. I have not found a cause. When it was colder out I thought it might be water vapor fog condensing on an inaccessible interior surface. I put it into a warm oven like it was a bowl of dough, hoping to drive out any water. Made no difference.